Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Peasedown Pigeons

The flock has finally landed!! Last summer I took the children to a mosaic workshop (by nesa) at the village day and we made pigeons!!!

Over 30 people did the same and the results have now been displayed around the village, on various buildings, the centrepiece being on the co-operative. One of ours is on the bakers, another on the school. They are being released by a miner, celebrating Peasedown's position and history at the centre of the former Somerset coalfield and the long association between miners and racing pigeons.

We are so lucky to have stong community art projects in this area.

More details below

What happens where you live? What is your towns history?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Vegetable plantings ......

...... or I spy with my little eye something beginning with P!!!!
(Cold frame made from recycled wood by my lovely boyfriend )

It must be getting warmer because the Peas are up and I've been busy planting seeds!!!!!

Update from 22.02.09
Peas: Feltham First
Planted last November these are growing nicely in the coldframe! Harvest should be ready for harvest at the start of May - August. More can be own now (Mar - May) for a longer harvest.

Garlic: Supermarket
November I planted cloves from a supermarket bulb, these are now 6 inch high shoots! The recent frosts / snow should be great for splitting the bulb into cloves.

Potatoes: Supermarket
The spuds I planted last year were dug up by the kids (searching for worms!) so I planted more today.

Lettuce: Unwins Organic Cut & Come Again :
Planted indoors in two drills will be ready for harvest May - Oct. Can be planted outside April - July. I'll be re planting every 3 weeks to ensure a continuous crop.

Carrots: Early Nantes 2
Planted 6" in the coldframe, these are old seeds so not sure if they'll germinate?

Summer Cabbage: Primo
The seeds I planted last year inside (wrong time!!) are looking long and leggy but green, I think I might scrap those and put them in a stir-fry and start again. I can sow more inside this month or outside in April. Harvest Jul - Aug.

Runner beans: nursery buy from last year
Sown inside, in recycled loo rolls! We'll plant these

Onions: nursery buy from last year
The sets are growing nicely in the trough, putting up shoots, twigs in the mud seem to be keeping cats / birds off!!


I've decided we need some flowers in the garden as well!

French Marigolds: Marionette Mixed
Companion planting to keep the pests off the veggies!

12 seeds planted in the propogator on the living room windowsill. Several have sprouted within the week!!

Nasturtiums: Maharajah mixed
Edible beauties to cheer up our salads!

Planted in propogator. None sprouted yet!

Loads more seeds in the basket to plant but not ready yet!!!!