Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Peasedown Pigeons

The flock has finally landed!! Last summer I took the children to a mosaic workshop (by nesa) at the village day and we made pigeons!!!

Over 30 people did the same and the results have now been displayed around the village, on various buildings, the centrepiece being on the co-operative. One of ours is on the bakers, another on the school. They are being released by a miner, celebrating Peasedown's position and history at the centre of the former Somerset coalfield and the long association between miners and racing pigeons.

We are so lucky to have stong community art projects in this area.

More details below

What happens where you live? What is your towns history?


Amber said...

Hi there. Thanks for linking to my blog! I love the story of the pigeons. What a great idea.
And I'm going to try your recipe for oat milk that you posted.

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