Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Happy Apple Day!!!

Today is Apple Day and although I'll not be doing anything to celebrate it directly today ( except for maybe a nice cold cider tonight) we had great fun at the weekend at the Broadlands Community Orchard Apple day!! We picked apples, pressed them for juice *hopefully in the video below*, baked potatoes on a fire, toasted marshmallows, played apple conkers, apple bobbing, climbed along big branch fences, climbed trees and saw some delux compost toilets - believe me , after the very basic '2 planks over a hole in the ground' compost toilets we had at a campsite last year these were palacial!!!

It was our first time at the orchard and I'm really keen to go back soon. Ontop of the apple days and regular volunteer days they do winter wassailing, spring picnics and other events. We might even sponsor a tree sometime soon!

There of lots of local community orchards near here, I wonder why they aren't more widely advertised?


LizzieJane said...

Isn't it fun picking apples from an orchard...my problem was that I got carried away and picked to many! The neighbors really loved me when I returned home though!
It looks like you had a wonderful fun day.

fiveminutesmore said...

These were windfalls we were picking to sell to the local zoo rather than ones to take home unfortunately! Then again, I have apples in ever room of the house at the moment so I'm going to have to find a good method to store them or some great new apple recipes!!!!
It was a great day, kinda confirmed to me the kinda place we want to get when we eventually move!