Saturday, 11 October 2008

Muuuum - I can't find my wellies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we checked the front hall, the camper, the conservatory, under the settees ...... if only we thought to look up the tree!!

This week has been a tad chaotic, college work has been over whelming me and a swap had to be finished. On top of that its Book Week at school with a dragon theme, I've been sourcing dragons, handing out Dragon fruit samples at nursery, handprinting 60 kids for 'dragon scales', Thursday saw me dressed in pyjamas at school helping make hot chocolate for 400 odd children at their Bedtime story evening!!
Luckily it was just the kids that had to dress up yesterday for school!


LizzieJane said...

My word have you been busy, maybe this week will be a little less chaotic. OK I'll bite...what were the wellies doing up the tree???

fiveminutesmore said...

hehehe just my little boy climbing and then having to jump out of them because they got stuck and his feet came out!!!! apparently he DID tell me, but I must have been busy!

Jenny said...

I love it that the gumboots were up the tree! My little girl calls them 'puddle busters'....waaaay too much Gordon the Garden Gnome around here I think! I was thinking of you today when I saw our dream kombi parked near our boring family car. I looked at our sedate white family sedan and wanted to weep! How long does it take to renovate a campervan??? Jen