Wednesday, 24 September 2008

College was fun, I'm doing a Teaching Assistants NVQ with a volunteer placement at my local primary! My first day was yesterday and it was brilliant but I was soooo shattered after - 20 three year olds do that to a grown woman!

In the Garden: I'm planting garlic bulbs .

At Home: I've been baking and sculpting this sponge

into a Porsche 356 - please don't laugh!!!

With the children: Recreating the glistening spider webs we've found on autumnal walks, making glitter spiderwebs; drizzling glue in crazy spider patterns on card then sprinkling with gold glitter

Crafting: Finishing some more bits for jellybelly*jellybrain's campervan swap

Thinking about:
Getting P to build me some raised borders in the garden for veggie growing.

1 comment:

LizzieJane said...

So you survived your first day, congratulations!
I think your cake looks amazing, you did a great job!