Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy Birthday P!!!!

In the Garden: Harvesting apples from my mums garden. My brother planted a seed from his eating apple (from infants school) 25 years ago, its now giving back soooooo many apples each year. The kids had great fun on shoulders picking them all!!

At Home: Birthday celebrations for P who loved his Porsche cake!!! A lovely meal out at lunchtime and gokart racing this evening!!

With the children: Cutting out butterfly and star croutons to go with their after-school soup.

Rediscovering: A local farm shop I visited as a child and treating ourselves lovely to lovely mature cheddars, scrumpy cider and free range eggs!!!!

Having Fun: Playing on the Gruffalo website with the kids, singing the Gruffalo chorus!!!

We're off to London tomorrow visiting and calling in at the VW Ultra Bug Boogie and Porsche Picnic at Reading on the way home - see you Monday!!!

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LizzieJane said...

How wonderful that little seed rewarded you all with such a lot of lovely apples. That really was a fun cake, you did a lovely job.

Is there anything better than free range eggs...I don't think so. I love cider too!
Have fun in London tomorrow, it has been so long since I have visited there, lucky you.