Friday, 5 September 2008

Reflections of a week

So many things have changed this week.....

Our camp seemed to bring the summer to a close - we had a fabulous time, beautiful surroundings ( gorgeous grounds, classic cars, vintage finds - the above wash stand was in the shower block!) , great activities ( fishing, cricket, walking), good friends and magical castles. It rained, tipped down and flooded - but only at night, blue skies ruled the days!
Since we've returned its rained non stop, and the UK is flooding again :(

The Children have gone back to school, both loving it! New routines are working great - perfect as I go back to school next week as Volunteer Teaching Assistant and Library help.

We're thinking about going vegetarian. This has totally thrown my meal planner, I need to find lots of good veggie recipes that the kids will enjoy. So far I have veggie Lasagne and Bolognese type thing.

The harvest has begun in the garden, Tonight we have homegrown new potatoes for supper....

I was thinking of signing the kids up for clubs this term ( Rainbows/Beavers etc) Camping the Kids discovered Jazz, and love it! Now I have to find details of Jazz Dance Classes for Evie.

Unfortunately all this means crafting has been non existant this week.

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Your camper-van swap partner has been chosen!
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