Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fresh from the Garden? Yes Please!!!

I was treated rather specially yesterday to cooked breakfast in bed, even more delightful as Paul used free range eggs that one of his customers had given him - yum!!!! We've always wanted chickens and have agreed that we will get some 'when we move' but a chat with a local chicken owner last night revealed that we may be able to keep some here if we find the right ark. We've decided on Black Rock Chickens and have found a local seller, all we need now is the ark and a bit more knowledge!!!

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fiveminutesmore said...

Jen wrote :-

Hi Maxine…

Blogger is still causing me commenting issues so I will just put my comment here for you!

As the owner of urban hens let me just say...they are a great addition to a family's life. We love our girls....well, hubby gets a bit dismayed at their scratchings in his garden....but the kids and I more than make up for his misgivings! Maybe I let them free range too much!

I hope that you get and enjoy your hens. We keep Chinese silkies…they’re bantam’s and they are really like dogs. They follow the kids and stay close to their games. They’re a big part of our ‘outdoor world’.

I look forward to seeing your girls.


Miles Away In France said...

Such lovely coloured eggs.

We have turkeys and ducks and are getting chickens soon.

Racheal x