Thursday, 24 July 2008

Wow where did that come from!!

Its here, last day of school is tomorrow!!! Wow we've been so busy enjoying ourselves it kinda crept up on us.

Jade class pressies have been given and we're busy putting finishing touches to Red Class presents...... 4 gifts all the same ( so much easier!!!) Painted pegs - for prettifying your washing line, hanging up notelets or just looking fab in the kitchen!! Cameron pitched in and is covered in paint - nothing like the personal touch!!!

Reception sports day was this morning, couldn't quite make Cam out though, he runs everywhere at 100mph and then falls over alot so we weren't quite sure whether he'd win everything or just be left behind on the floor! Turned out a bit of both lol but he really enjoyed it and even won the egg and spoon race!!!

Cams sports day had Egg and Spoon, Sack Race, Running and Obstacle Races. Evies had the same plus Skipping, Welly race , Bean Bag throwing and Foam Rocket Javelins!!

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fiveminutesmore said...

Jen emailed this comment:-

I have a lot of issues leaving comments using blogger sometimes. I think it hates me! So I will post a comment to your email instead!

It’s so good to see kids out playing in the sunshine. Its waay too cold here for too much time spent outside at the moment! I have left you a tag over at Frazzy Dazzles. Looking forward to reading your answers!