Sunday, 13 July 2008

Mummy I've got to have my name on it....

....... because Jake's got the SAME ONE!!!!!

Our Jolly into Bath yesterday resulted in Nanny Shirley buying the kids a new water bottle each, handpicked by themselves in Bath's fabulous Kitchen store that sells everything you could possibly need for cooking and kitchen ( so why does my mind go blank as soon I pass the doorway only to be filled with stuff I should have got as soon as i get home???) Anyhoo, Cam declares this morning - it needs a label mummy, Jake's got the same one. No labels in the house, well no blank ones - could have covered it in pumpkins ! - so I decided a paper one covered in sticky tape would have to do, Plus a cute little sketch each!!! aahhhhhh!!

Labelled water bottles

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saraeden said...

Hi there just found your blog and wanted to say hello !!!

Im making teachers gifts too , lost count of how many i have to make , 4 kids x who knows how many teachers some leaving some having babies and one getting married as well ...arghhh i think i should of started earlier !!!

Sara x