Monday, 28 July 2008

Green Class is go!!!

The thought of six weeks until school starts up again in September scares me senseless!! No not the mum that dreads entertaining the kids 24/7 but the gap in their learning!!! In junior school I was taught joined up writing in the term before summer holidays, then when I went back in September I couldn't remember how to do it at all!! I've never really used it since, doomed to a life of unjoined letters!!! The kids have been doing so well, I didn't want them to slip backwards come september so we are doing a Home schooling Summer School! The kids chose the class name - Green Class, and the Topic - Animals, each week we'll do a different section Fish, Pets, Wild Animals and Farm Animals, We'll do crafts, art, trips spellings, stories and cooking!!

This week is FISH we've done colouring and fish beanbags today so far other activities this week include a river trip and a swim!

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