Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Recycled Tuesdays

I had a brainwave this morning as I collected out empty jars and cans together for collection, how about a recyling bit on the blog? Every tuesday they'll be tips or links to tutorials that are eco friendly or recycled and I'll try and find some nice recycled goodies to showcase too? How about these to get us started??

Recycled Notebooks from stubbypencil

Cam is going on a school trip to westonbirt auboritum soon and we've been provided with a sheet for .......

Creating a low-waste lunch
  1. Start with a reusable lunchbox - great tutorial here
  2. Pack food in reusable plastic containers
  3. Bring your drink in a reusable bottle not carton or can
  4. Homemade biscuits and cakes reduce packaging
  5. Buy a large packet of food (yogurt, crisps, raisins) and decant a portion, rather than buying individually.
  6. Reduce packaging by choosing fresh fruit, apples, bananas and oranges etc
  7. Reduce leftover food by only packing what you will eat.
Other useful sites include

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Melissa Goodsell said...

I think this is a great idea on your blog - I loved reading through your ideas.